9" Diameter -  8 Pounds

25 Bulb-lets -  1" Diameter

Bulb blooming out of soil mid February in the basement, over 6 feet tall!


6" Diameter -  3 Pounds

Looking for something different to grow? Try a voodoo lily.

Amorphophallus, konjac, or the voodoo lily is native to Asia. Plants in this genus are treated as tender perennials in this part of the Midwest(northern Illinois), but in slightly warmer climates (zone 6 to 10) voodoo lilies are perennials. Planting should be done in late spring after ground temperatures have reached at least 60 degrees Fahrenheit. Cover the bulb so that the top is five to seven inches below the soil surface. During the growing season, one giant divided leaf will emerge atop a stalk up to six feet tall(larger bulbs). After the leaf withers or a frost hits, dig the corm-like bulb removing any loose soil. The unique aspect of Amorphophallus, konjac is that you can store the corm-like bulb on a shelf in a cool place such as the basement. Around the end of January, a flower stalk will begin to elongate from the same location as the leaf stalk originated. For a bloom to occur, the corm-like bulb should be the size of a softball or larger. Beware, the bloom will have a strong odor. The pungent aroma is used to attract flies to aid in pollination. If left on, the flower will eventually start to wither. Remove the old bloom, but let the stalk dry before removing. The corm-like bulb will then rest before producing a leaf bud.

We currently have a variety of bulb sizes, and bulb-lets in lots of 25.

Bulbs are priced by weight. $5.00 per pound.
Bulb-lets are $.25 each in lots of 25.

Bulbs are only shipped in the Spring and Fall. They are shipped USPS Priority, actual cost, no handling charge.

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