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Boberosa Barnworks will no longer be open for retail sales.

We will still be picking and selling, so watch our Facebook  page for all activity.

We are always looking to buy items, anything from the smallest collectible to vintage farm equipment, whole collections, or an entire estate.

Let us look in your barn, basement or attic and turn your items into cash!

If you are a Dealer or have a shop, let us know what you are in search of so we can be on the lookout for you.

We will have items in Second Hand Rose, a local shop just down the road from us.   

Bob will still be building Birdhouses, as well as other creations.

Voodoo Lily Bulbs/Plants will still be available as always, see our Voodoo Lily Page.

Contact us via, Phone, Email, or through Facebook if you are looking for a specific item,  or would like a Birdhouse or Voodoo Lily.

BARN Visit our Ebay auction page EBAY
BARN Barnwood Items & Birdhouses
BARN Voodoo Lily Bulbs, A Strange and Unusual Plant!